Durian for superior health

Durians are the best tasting and most healthy food on earth.

It's as simple as this.

Durians have the most balanced nutritional profile of any fruit or plant. Apart from the vitamins found in any other fruit, too, such as vitamin C, durians also pack the full range of B vitamins which usually are associated with animal-derived diets only.

Thus, durians are almost a must for vegetarians, especially if they are sexually active.

Of course, durians are nutritious. Any human could live for decades on just one durian a day.

Yes, durians contain more fat than the average fruit. But there is no cholesterol. Actually, cholesterol is a fat only present in animal sources of nutrition, never in any plant.

But the fats in durian are monounsaturated. That is the healthiest fat you could possibly eat. It protects against heart attacks and strokes.

And then: every gram of durian releases more antioxidants than a gram of any other fruit, and, for that matter, a gram of any other food. Thus, durian has the power to help in life extension.

The only crux with durians is that they aren't available everywhere, and even where they are available, the availability is highly seasonal. This is why Sumatra Pasak Bumi, an Indonesian company active throughout Southeast Asia has come up with a product they call durian flakes. Durian flakes are raisin-sized bits of desiccated durian flesh which can be stored for many months, and shipped throughout the world.

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Durian flakes, 360 grams (produced from 12 kg fresh durian) – $120 US dollars

Durian flakes, 720 grams (produced from 24 kg fresh durian) – $216 US dollars

Durian flakes, 1440 grams (produced from 48 kg fresh durian) – $388 US dollars